Honor Roll

The Redbud Society consists of devoted members of the TWU community who have donated to support the university for 2 or more consecutive years. Just like the Eastern Redbud trees that enhances the TWU campus and put of spectacular blooms year after year - loyal support from donors enhances the TWU educational experience. 

More than 10 years
Mrs. Mary J. Bedard
Mrs. Barbara B. Deaver and Mr. Bascom S. Deaver, Jr.
Ms. Anna M. DeLarot
Dr. Lisa A. Fusillo
Dr. Mary A. Gilmore
Ms. Joan C. Harris
Mr. Ryan J. Mayer and Mrs. Ashlee C. Mayer
Dr. David L. Nichols
Ms. Mary Ann Baker
More than 5 years
Ms. Dorothy C. Blome
Dr. Terry T. Cavanaugh and Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh
Mrs. Lisa A. Diller and Mr. Timothy A. Diller
Mrs. Sally D. Elkins and Mr. James W. Elkins
Mrs. Judith B. Folweiler and Mr. Joseph H. Folweiler
Mrs. Ann M. Gosdin and Mr. Brad Gosdin
Dr. Mary I. Huntley and Mr. Kennes C. Huntley
Mrs. Patty Hejney Kahle and Mr. Joe Kahle
Mr. John R. Labonte and Mrs. Sukyi Labonte
Ms. Rebecca A. Luckie
Ms. Virginia L. Marshall
Ms. Barbara E. Rogers
Mr. Shawn P. Saumell and Mrs. Rebecca R. Saumell
Ms. Dianne B. Wells
Patricia P. Hughes, Ph.D. and Mr. Tony Hughes
2 - 4 years
Mrs. Betty J. Adams
Mrs. Deborah G. Agnew and Mr. Russell Agnew
Mrs. Deborah A. Andrews and Mr. Adam D. Andrews
Ms. Angelica M. Artiaga
Mrs. Terry L. Autry
Ms. Dell V. Avery
Ms. Karen A. Balo
Mrs. Marjorie M. Beakey and Mr. Jim Beakey
Mrs. Lisa K. Beamon-Rhône
Dr. Constance L. Beckom
Mrs. Kathy M. Bell-Luster and Mr. Randy L. Luster
Mrs. Loretta Turner and Mr. Bobby Turner
Mrs. Marilyn J. Bowden and Mr. Kenneth R. Bowden
Ms. Deborah A. Brown
Mrs. Maria M. Byington and Mr. Alonzo Byington
Ms. Marianna F. Cabler
Mrs. Margaret H. Calabrese and Dr. John A. Calabrese
Mr. Deepak Chadaga
Ms. Catherine E. Coffman
Mrs. Sara A. Cook and Mr. Gary L. Cook
Mrs. Theresa M. Craig and Mr. Carl Craig
Mrs. Anita L. Crow
Mrs. Mary B. Cummings and Mr. Lawrence E. Cummings, Jr.
Ms. Laura A. Daily
Mrs. Virginia White and Mr. Daniel C. White
Ms. Mary L. de la Garza Brown
Mrs. Martha M. Didamo
Dr. Diana Everett and Dr. Doris R. McCabe
Mrs. Carol Freeman and Mr. Dumont Freeman
Dr. Sandra K. Eggenberger and Mr. Timothy J. Eggenberger
Ms. Cheryl S. Ervin
Mrs. Esperanza C. Fanslow and Mr. Brian C. Fanslow
Ms. Mary J. Fields
Mrs. Sharon K. Fischer and Mr. Kenneth C. Fischer
Mrs. Tammy L. Fisher and Mr. Kevin Fisher
Col. Cynthia E. Gant
Ms. Esperanza Garza
Ms. Carol L. Gay
Ms. Lynne B. Gibbon
Mrs. Onelia Lobo-Guerrero and Mr. Gilberto Lobo-Guerrero
Mrs. Minella Fritsch Pavlik and Mr. Glenn A. Pavlik
Mrs. Dorothy A. Gohlke and Mr. Ernest Gohlke
Dr. Rebecca A. Gould and Mr. Marvin Gould
Mrs. Shelby D. Gould and Mr. Keith Gould
Mrs. Marsha L. Griggs
Mrs. Reva Hamm
Mrs. Shelley A. Hanley and Ms. Richard M. Hanley
Dr. Sandra K. Hanneman
Dr. Shelley S. Harp
Mr. James L. Harrington
Mrs. Hatsuyo K. Hawkins and Mr. Vernon Hawkins
Ms. Ann M. Hayden
Mrs. Celeste B. Healy and Dr. William H. Healy
Ms. Juliana F. Helton
Ms. Judith E. Henley
Mrs. Marilyn J. Hildenbrand
Mr. Garrett D. Holland
Ms. Margaree G. Hood
Ms. Laura Hood
Ms. Jessica M. Isokariari
Dr. Donna S. Israel and Mr. Dennis Carrigan
Mrs. Anne M. Jarriel and Mr. Stuart L. Jarriel
Mrs. Diane Connor and Mr. John Connor
Ms. Sonya D. Johnson
Ms. June P. Johnson
Dr. Andrea Wesley and Dr. Joseph W. Wesley
Mrs. Karen M. Kallas and Mr. Peter Kallas
Mrs. Sharon E. Katz
Dr. Charlotte H. Keefe and Mr. Donald Keefe
Dr. Elizabeth A. Knebel
Ms. Marsha L. Kocurek
Ms. Judith F. Krimmer
Ms. Dolores R. Krodel
Ms. Rochelle R. Lacy
Ms. Jean A. Lanier
Mrs. Jane G. Larner and Mr. Eric D. Larner
Ms. Phyllis J. Lee
Mrs. Jane E. Leenerts
Ms. Barbara G. Lentz
Ms. Susan J. Lindberg
Ms. Brittany A. Lopez
Mr. John P. Lovetere
Ms. Maria J. Luera
Mrs. Claudia C. Lynch and Mr. Clint Lynch
Reverend Sami J. Magoffin
Mrs. Chantelle Kadlec and Mr. Mark Kadlec
Mrs. Phyllis A. McCaffree and Mr. Charles McCaffree, Jr.
Mrs. Regina L. McCray and Mr. Don R. McCray
Dr. Ginger M. McKenzie
Mrs. Pat R. McLeod
Dr. Michael V. McMahon and Mrs. Janice S. McMahon
Mrs. Barbara F. McMillan and Mr. B. Kemp McMillan
Dr. Ann L. Medley and Mr. William E. Medley
Dr. Carole Tarwater and Mr. Melvin W. Tarwater
Ms. Sarah A. Meo
Mrs. Barbara A. Michael and Mr. Lloyd H. Michael
Dr. Rochelle J. Middleman
Mrs. Tamara N. Miller
Ms. Gloria L. Montgomery
Mrs. Coleen L. Moore and Mr. Daniel T. Moore
Dr. Valda R. Morgan
Ms. Abigail E. Morris
Dr. Shirley M. Morrison and Mr. Gregory S. Morrison
Mrs. Chelsea L. Mullin and Mr. Conor J. Mullin
Ms. Michelle D. Murray
Mrs. Pat S. Nicks and Mr. Jim Nicks
Ms. Olive C. Nwokorie
Mrs. Angela M. Oliver and Mr. Nick Oliver
Mrs. Lois B. Park and Mr. William Park
Dr. Rupal M. Patel
Dr. Ann Peden
Ms. Rebecca S. Pedersen
Dr. Barbara K. Penn
Mrs. Dorothy J. Phelps
Dr. Hilda E. Porter and Mr. George D. Porter
Mr. Charles K. Powers
Ms. Dorette J. Putonti
Mrs. Danielle L. Raj and Mr. Vishwa Raj
Mr. Kingston Tong and Mrs. Ramona M. Tong
Mrs. Lesley Y. Regalado and Mr. Thomas N. McCaleb
Mrs. Gina Russ and Mr. Robert W. Russ
Dr. Jennifer L. Robinson
Mrs. Laura J. Rogers and Mr. Thomas R. Rogers
Dr. Gail E. Russell
Ms. Elaine J. Sandager
Mrs. Marsha L. Sanders and Mr. William C. Sanders
Mrs. Minnie G. Sandstedt and Mr. Donald Sandstedt
Mrs. Carol A. Sandum-Hodgson and Mr. Byron Hodgson
Ms. Darleen P. Sarvis
Ms. Susan M. Schaff
Ms. Carol A. Schellenberg
Ms. Bette J. Schneider, MS, RN, LPC
Mrs. Grace A. Schrage and Mr. Richard Schrage
Ms. Sylvia L. Schrider
Dr. Zohreh Schuessler
Ms. Lynette R. Schurdevin
Mr. Louis K. Sherwood, Jr. and Mrs. Mary A. Sherwood
Mrs. Ruth V. Simpson and Mr. Wallace R. Simpson
Ms. Rene D. Smart
Ms. Carol S. Smith
Ms. Sylvia Y. Sosa
Dr. Patricia Y. Sosa-Sanchez and Mr. Rey S. Sanchez
Ms. Sallye M. Stapleton
Ms. Jacquelyn H. Stinnett
Ms. Theresa M. Strong
Ms. Patsy A. Taylor
Mrs. Kathryn Owens and Mr. Thomas D. Owens
Mrs. Linda E. Thompson and Mr. Kenneth Thompson
Mr. Darin L. Thompson and Mrs. Tina J. Thompson
Dr. Guadalupe Guerrero and Mr. Tito Guerrero III
Ms. Mary M. Tocquigny
Mrs. Linda S. Touraine and Mr. Edward A. Touraine
Ms. Jean Traster
Ms. Mildred F. Tribble
Ms. Shelley L. Vandegrift
Mrs. Kari M. Vander Wege
Ms. Kristen Y. Vogel
Mr. Brett W. Wallace and Mrs. Linda Wallace
Mr. John C. Weiss
Dr. Les R. White
Mrs. Laronda S. Whitehead and Mr. Doug Whitehead
Ms. Linda G. Willis
Mrs. Nettie C. Wilson and Mr. Homer T. Wilson
Mr. Clyde R. Woolfolk, Jr.
Mrs. Gloria J. Wrightsil and Mr. Ronald Wrightsil
Ms. Janice E. Yockey

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What is the TWU Foundation and what does it do?

The TWU Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the sole purpose of supporting and promoting Texas Woman's University. The Foundation receives and receipts all contributions from alumni, donors and friends on behalf of TWU. The TWU Foundation also manages the investment strategy for all endowed funds. 

Questions? Contact the TWU Foundation Executive Director, Dr. Kimberly Russell, at 940.898.3863.